Wednesday, April 30

Adventures in Spinning

Between Sandi's new yarn spinning obsession and Brooklyntweed's beautiful pictorial tour of the spinning process, I just had to see what it was all about. So I ordered a cute kit from Maine Woods Yarn off Etsy that came with a top-whorl drop spindle and some wool.

My first yarn is not a thing of beauty, let me assure you. It is thick, lumpy, and twists up on itself in some spots...but it is yarn that I made with my own two hands, and that's exciting! Now I just need to go practice, practice, practice.

Tuesday, April 22

Knitted Kitty Swap

I found this wonderful swap group on Ravelry - that swaps a knitted kitty each month! How perfect for me (I definitely need more kitties, especially the kind that don't require litterbox maintenance.)

Today I received my April kitty, Biscuit. She is so cute! She was made for me by Dragonpearl. She immediately hit it off with Kitty, who always was a bit of a ladies man.

This is the kitty I made for my partner, Wierdlings. I took this picture of her with my phone just before sending her off on her way. I don't know if she's made it yet, but she should be close because she was only going to Florida. I made a quick little crochet blanket to send with her.